Volume 1

IJPRT-Volume 1, Issue 1-1

Studt of Aging Characteristics of Recycled Asphalt Binders:Focusing on the Chemical Properties_Chui-Te Chiu and Yi-Hsiang Chiu
A New Method for Predicting Rutting in Asphalt Pavements Employing Static Uniaxial Penetration Test_Kai Su, Li-jun Sun, and Yoshitaka Hachiya
Laboratory Evaluation of Warm Mix Asphalt: A Preliminary Study_Zhanping You and Shu Wei Goh
Evaluation of Composite Pavements Using a Heavy Vehicle Simulator_Patricio Tapia, M. Wasantha Kumara, Mang Tia, Chung-Lung Wu, and Bouzid Choubane
Layered Flexible Pavement Studies: Challenges in Forward and Inverse Problems_Ernie Pan, Ewan Chen, and Wael Alkasawneh



IJPRT-Volume 1, Issue 1-2

Effective Modulus Variation and Field Distributions with Depth--Using a Multilayered Pavement Program_Wael Alkasawneh,Ernie Pan,Feng Han,Ronghua Zhu and Roger Gree
Generalized Linear Prediction Performance Model for Asphalt Overlays in a Heavy Traffic Urban Road_Suyen Matsumura Nakahara , Jose Tadeu Balbo ,and Linda Lee Ho
Simultaneous Determination of Bimoduli of Asphalt Material with Single Viscoelastic Beam_Xue Li and Linbing Wang
Pavement Rutting Dynamic Prediction Model_Jia-Chong Du , Der-Hsien Shen , and Stephen A. Cross
Characterization of Unbound Aggregates Revealed Through_Mingjiang Tao , Murad Abu-Farsakh and Zhongjie Zhang



IJPRT-Volume 1, Issue 1-3

Modeling Fatigue Cracking of Asphalt Concrete Mixtures Using Viscoelastic Continuum Damage Theory and Finite Element Analysis_Sungho Mun, Ghassan R. Chehab, Tanmay Kumar, and Y.Richard Kim
3D Microstructural Models for Asphalt Mixtures Using X-Ray Computed Tomography Images_Sanjeev Adhikari and Zhanping You
Fuel Resistance of HMAs:Theory and Experiments_Filippo G.Pratico, Rachele Ammendola, and Antonino Moro
Thickness Measurement of Thin Pavement Layers Using Time-Frequency Analysis of Ground Penetrating Radar Data_Xiang-Tang Li, Duan-Yi Wang, and Xiao-Ning Zhang
Feasibility of Using Accelerated Thin Bonded Concrete Overlay for CRCP Spalling Repair_Juanyu Liu, Dan G. Zollinger and Peng Li
Statistical Models for Determination of the Resilient Modulus of Subgrade Soils_Pranshoo Solanki, Ali Ebrahimi, and Musharraf M. Zaman



IJPRT-Volume 1, Issue 1-4

Binder Flushing in Low Traffic Volume Superpave Mixes_Magdy A. Abdelrahman, Wayne G. Jensen, and Hassan M. Salem
Thermal Fatigue Considerations in Asphalt Pavement Design_Pabitra Rajbongshi and Animesh Das
Laboratory Testing of Cement-Treated Wet Subgrade and Design Recommendations_Zhongjie Zhang and Mingjiang Tao
Influence of Concrete Joints on Roughness Index and Pavement Serviceability_Chiu Liu, Zhongren Wang, and James N. Lee
Analysis of Slab Thermal Stresses and Concrete Joint Movements_Chia-pei Chou and Mei-hui Lee
Kenlayer Based Pavement Backcalculation Moduli Using Artificial Neural Networks_Abolfazl Hassani, Ardeshir Bahreininejad, and Maziar Moaveni


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