Volume 11

Effect of corn and soybean oil derived additives on polymer-modified HMA and WMA master curve construction and dynamic modulus performance
-Joseph H. Podolsky, R. Christopher Williams, Eric Cochran
-Pages 541-552
Investigation of pavement raveling performance using smartphone
-AidinMassahi, Hesham Ali, FarshadKoohifar, MohamadtaqiBaqersad, MojtabaMohammadafzali
-Pages 553-563
Pavement condition assessment using soft computing techniques
-AjitPratap Singh, Antriksh Sharma, Raunak Mishra, MakrandWagle, A.K. Sarkar
-Pages 564-581
Modification and application of axle load conversion formula to determine traffic volume in pavement design
-Haitao Zhang, Mingyang Gong, Tengjiang Yu
-Pages 582-593
Toward Utilization of ground tire rubber and reclaimed pavement materials with asphalt Binder: Performance evaluation using essential work of fracture
-Dharamveer Singh, ShashibhushanGirimath
-Pages 594-602
Influence of temperature on Jnr values of polymer modified asphalt binders
-Khaleel Al-Adham, Hamad Al-Abdul Wahhab
-Pages 603-610
Stress-dependent behavior of marine clay admixed with fly-ash-blended cement
-Qiangqiang Cheng, Kai Yao, Yong Liu
-Pages 611-616
Using damage theory to analyze fatigue of asphalt mixtures on flexural tests
-Luiz Guilherme Rodrigues de Mello, Márcio Muniz de Farias, Kamil Elias Kaloush
-Pages 617-626
Laboratory investigations on the utilization of RCA in asphalt mixtures
-FarzanehTahmoorian, BijanSamali
-Pages 627-638
Stabilization of Colombian lateritic soil with a hydrophobic compound (organosilane)
-Laura Daniela Jerez, Orlando Elías Gómez, Carol Andrea Murillo
-Pages 639-646
Asphalt binder performance grading of North Korea for Superpave asphalt mix-design
-Jong-Sub Lee, Jin-Hwan Kim, Oh-Sun Kwon, Byung-Duk Lee
-Pages 647-654
Effect of blending time on viscosity of rubberized binders with wax additives
-Hyun Hwan Kim, MithilMazumder, Moon-Sup Lee, Soon-Jae Lee
-Pages 655-665

 Volume 11, Issue 5

Longitudinal cracking of jointed plain concrete pavements in Louisiana: Field investigation and numerical simulation
-Danny X. Xiao, Zhong Wu
-Pages 417-426
A laboratory and field study on 100% Recycled Cement Bound Mixture for base layers
-PiergiorgioTataranni, Cesare Sangiorgi, Andrea Simone, Valeria Vignali, ... Giulio Dondi
-Pages 427-434
Effect of binder grade on performance parameters of asphaltic concrete paving mixtures
-Muhammad Junaid, Muhammad Irfan, Sarfraz Ahmed, Yasir Ali
-Pages 435-444
Data collection experience for preliminary calibration of the AASHTO pavement design guide for flexible pavements in South Carolina
-MdMostaqur Rahman, Sarah L. Gassman
-Pages 445-457
Measuring the effects of styrene butadiene copolymer latex-Portland cement additives on properties of stabilized soil-aggregate base
-MojtabaShojaeiBaghini, Amiruddin Ismail, Mehdi Pour Asghar, GholamrezaFendereski, Mohammad Sadeghi
-Pages 458-469
Characterization of environmental loads related concrete pavement deflection behavior using Light Detection and Ranging technology
-Shuo Yang, HalilCeylan, KasthuriranganGopalakrishnan, SunghwanKim, ... Ahmad Alhasan
-Pages 470-480
Rheological properties of warm mix asphalt binders and warm mix asphalt binders containing polyphosphoric acid
-Jun Liu, Kezhen Yan, Jenny Liu
-Pages 481-487
Behavioural study of pavement quality concrete containing construction, industrial and agricultural wastes
-Abhishek Jindal, G.D. Ransinchung R.N.
-Pages 488-501
Assessment and modification of nationally-calibrated dynamic modulus predictive model for the implementation of Mechanistic-Empirical design
-A.S.M. Asifur Rahman, Md. Rashadul Islam, Rafiqul A. Tarefder
-Pages 502-508
An improved artificial bee colony algorithm for pavement resurfacing problem
-Tapas Ranjan Panda, Aravind Krishna Swamy
-Pages 509-516
Effect of local calibration of dynamic modulus and creep compliance models on predicted performance of asphalt mixes containing RAP
-SamanEsfandiarpour, Ahmed Shalaby
-Pages 517-529
Case study of construction quality control monitoring and strength evaluation of a lateritic pavement using the dynamic cone penetrometer
-A.A. Amadi, S. Sadiku, M. Abdullahi, H.A. Danyaya
-Pages 530-539

 Volume 11, Issue 4

Using atomic force microscopy and molecular dynamics simulation to investigate the asphalt micro properties
-MengGuo, Yucheng Huang, Linbing Wang, Jianxin Yu, Yue Hou
-Pages 321-326
Accelerated pavement testing efforts using the Heavy Vehicle Simulator
-L. du Plessis, A. Ulloa-Calderon, J.T. Harvey, N.F Coetzee
-Pages 327-338
Characterization of mortar fracture based on three point bending test and XFEM
-Yucheng Huang, Yanhua Guan, Linbing Wang, Jian Zhou, ... Yue Hou
-Pages 339-344
Application of analytic hierarchy process in network level pavement maintenance decision-making
-Hongmei Li, Fujian Ni, Qiao Dong, Yuqin Zhu
-Pages 345-354
Study on direct coal liquefaction residue influence on mechanical properties of flexible pavement
-Jie Ji, Di Wang, ZhiSuo, Ying Xu, Shi-fa Xu
-Pages 355-362
Seasonal variations and in situ assessment of concrete pavement foundation mechanistic properties
-Yang Zhang, Pavana K.R. Vennapusa, David J. White, Alex E. Johnson
-Pages 363-373
Using ESEM to analyze the microscopic property of basalt fiber reinforced asphalt concrete
-Chunmei Gao, Weijie Wu
-Pages 374-380
Synergistic performance of piezoelectric transducers and asphalt pavement
-Hongduo Zhao, Luyao Qin, Jianming Ling
-Pages 381-387
Application of piezoelectric transducer in energy harvesting in pavement
-Xiaochen Xu, Dongwei Cao, Hailu Yang, Ming He
-Pages 388-395
Study on water permeability, shear and pull-off performance of waterproof bonding layer for highway bridge
-MengGuo, Yiqiu Tan, Linbing Wang, ZhoujingYe, ...Hailu Yang
-Pages 396-400
Asphalt foaming quality control model using neural network and parameters optimization
-An-Lin Wang, Zhen-Sheng Fu, Fu-Min Liu
-Pages 401-407
Fatigue endurance limit of epoxy asphalt concrete pavement on the deck of long-span steel bridge
-Zhongwen Wang, Shunxian Zhang
-Pages 408-415

 Volume 11, Issue 3

Investigating influence of mineral filler at asphalt mixture and mastic scales
-AboelkasimDiab, Mahmoud Enieb
-Pages 213-224
In-situ and laboratory investigation of modified drilling waste materials applied on base-course construction
-Chang-Seon Shon, Cindy K. Estakhri
-Pages 225-235
Effects of crumb rubber content and curing time on the properties of asphalt concrete and stone mastic asphalt using dry process
-H.T. Tai Nguyen, T. Nhan Tran
-Pages 236-244
Investigation of load transfer efficiency in jointed plain concrete pavements (JPCP) using FEM
-VahidSadeghi, SaeidHesami
-Pages 245-252
Evolution of tyre/road noise research in India: Investigations using statistical pass-by method and noise trailer
-Vivek Khan, Krishna PrapoornaBiligiri
-Pages 253-264
Fracture resistance of asphalt concrete modified with crumb rubber at low temperatures
-A. Razmi, M.M. Mirsayar
-Pages 265-273
Multi-parametric characterization of mode I fracture toughness of asphalt concrete: Influence of void and RA contents, binder and aggregate types
-SaannibeCiryleSomé, MontassarAbdhelackFredj, Mai-Lan Nguyen, Arnaud Feeser, Alexandre Pavoine
-Pages 274-284
Warm mix asphalt: Chemical additives’ effects on bitumen properties and limestone aggregates mixture compactibility
-Raul Pereira, Ana Almeida-Costa, Cátia Duarte, AgostinhoBenta
-Pages 285-299
Predicting the impact of temperature and stress on the glasphalt mixtures’ rutting behavior
-Mostafa Sadeghnejad, MahyarArabani, Mohammad Taghipoor
-Pages 300-310
Review of ice and snow runway pavements
-Greg White, Adrian McCallum
-Pages 311-320

 Volume 11, Issue 2

In Honor of Professor James S. Lai
-Linbing Wang
-Page 113
Experimental evaluation of geocell-reinforced bases under repeated loading
-Sanat K. Pokharel, Jie Han, DovLeshchinsky, Robert L. Parsons
-Pages 114-127
Improving quality control through chance constrained programming: A case study using Bailey method
-Aravind Krishna Swamy, Karanjeet Kaur Sandhu, Jennifer Foxlow
-Pages 128-137
The Strip Clustering Scheme for data collection in large-scale Wireless Sensing Network of the road
-Zhoujing Ye, Xinlong Tong, Hailu Yang, LingjianMeng, ...Linbing Wang
-Pages 138-145
A prototype IOT based wireless sensor network for traffic information monitoring
-Yucheng Huang, Linbing Wang, Yue Hou, Wei Zhang, Yinning Zhang
-Pages 146-152
Design method for piezoelectric cantilever beam structure under low frequency condition
-Qian Zhao, Yinan Liu, Linbing Wang, Hailu Yang, Dongwei Cao
-Pages 153-159
A digital image analysis of gravel aggregate using CT scanning technique
-Jiangfeng Wu, Linbing Wang, Yue Hou, HaochengXiong, ... Lei Zhang
-Pages 160-167
A preliminary study on the highway piezoelectric power supply system
-Hailu Yang, Linbing Wang, Bin Zhou, Ya Wei, Qian Zhao
-Pages 168-175
Aggregate fatigue failure on macro texture polishing of asphalt pavement
-Zhenyu Qian, Yinghao Miao, HaochengXiong, Linbing Wang
-Pages 176-184
Analysis of coarse aggregate performance based on the modified Micro Deval abrasion test
-Jiangfeng Wu, Yue Hou, Linbing Wang, MengGuo, ...HaochengXiong
-Pages 185-194
Framework for determining material genome of granular materials: Material characterization and numerical simulation at multiple spatial scales
-Wenjuan Sun, WenjingXue, Yinning Zhang, Linbing Wang
-Pages 195-204
Study on the microscopic friction between tire and asphalt pavement based on molecular dynamics simulation
-Yue Hou, Hanfei Zhang, Jiangfeng Wu, Linbing Wang, HaochengXiong
-Pages 205-212

 Volume 11, Issue 1

Characteristics’ relation model of asphalt pavement performance based on factor analysis
-Peng Tian, Ashish Shukla, Lei Nie, Gaofeng Zhan, Shuli Liu
-Pages 1-12
Enhancing the crumb rubber modified asphalt’s storage stability through the control of its internal network structure
-Mohyeldin Ragab, MagdyAbdelrahman
-Pages 13-27
Using a modified asphalt bond strength test to investigate the properties of asphalt binders with poly ethylene wax-based warm mix asphalt additive
-Taha A. Ahmed, Hosin “David” Lee, R. Christopher Williams
-Pages 28-37
Laboratory experiment on resilient modulus of BRA modified asphalt mixtures
-Muhammad Karami, Hamid Nikraz, Surya Sebayang, LaksmiIrianti
-Pages 38-46
Quasi-static analysis of flexible pavements based on predicted frequencies using Fast Fourier Transform and Artificial Neural Network
-Ali Reza Ghanizadeh, Mansour Fakhri
-Pages 47-57
Sensitivity analysis of the mainline travel lane pavement service life when utilizing part-time shoulder use with full depth paved shoulders
-Sean Coffey, Seri Park, Leslie Myers McCarthy
-Pages 58-67
Laboratory characterization of asphalt binders modified with waste vegetable oil using SuperPave specifications
-Aslam A. Al-Omari, Taisir S. Khedaywi, Mohammad A. Khasawneh
-Pages 68-76
State of the art: Asphalt for airport pavement surfacing
-Greg White
-Pages 77-98
Development of temperature zone map for mechanistic empirical (ME) pavement design
-MdAmanul Hasan, Rafiqul A. Tarefder
-Pages 99-111
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