Volume 10

 Volume 10, Issue 6

Recent advancement on asphalt pavement research and technologies
-Zhanping You, Hainian Wang, Yu Liu, Xu Yang
-Page 465
Prediction on rutting decay curves for asphalt pavement based on the pavement-ME and matter element analysis
-Chen Zhang, Hainian Wang, Zhanping You, Yu Liu, ...Jinkun Xiao
-Pages 466-475
Key steps of carbon emission and low-carbon measures in the construction of bituminous pavement
-Bo Peng, Xueyong Fan, Xunjie Wang, Wenying Li
-Pages 476-487
Effect of Superpave restricted zone on volumetric and compaction properties of asphalt mixtures
-Ghazi G. Al-Khateeb, Khalid A. Ghuzlan, Mohammad O. Al-Barqawi
-Pages 488-496
Pavement mechanic response of sulfate saline soil subgrade section based on fluid–structure interaction model
-Xueying Zhao, Aiqin Shen, YinchuangGuo, Peng Li, ZhenhuaLv
-Pages 497-506
Laboratory evaluation of pavement performance using modified asphalt mixture with a new composite reinforcing material
-Zhen Fu, Wanqing Shen, Yue Huang, Guolin Hang, Xiaotong Li
-Pages 507-516
Development and Application of an Instantaneous Impulsion-based Detector to Inspect the Degree of Compaction of the Cement-stabilized Macadam
-Liqun Hu, Shuang Xia, LibingXie, ZhuangzhuangLiu, ...Hao Huang
-Pages 517-525
Dynamic response analysis of road-bridge transition section without slab
-Juanlan Zhou, Mulian Zheng, Chongtao Wang, Wei Jing, ...Jingxing Chen
-Pages 526-535
The applicability of alkaline-resistant glass fiber in cement mortar of road pavement: Corrosion mechanism and performance analysis
-Qin Xiaochun, Li Xiaoming, CaiXiaopei
-Pages 536-544
Investigation on surface characteristics of epoxy asphalt concrete pavement
-KeZhong, Xu Yang, Xiaohao Wei
-Pages 545-552
CTCP temperature fields and stresses
-Minjiang Zhang, Chao Guo, Baoyang Yu, Yanhai Yang, Zhengran Lu
-Pages 553-562

 Volume 10, Issue 5

Development of statistical temperature prediction models for a test road in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
-Arian Asefzadeh, Leila Hashemian, AlirezaBayat
-Pages 369-382
Comparing the effects of oil palm kernel shell and cockle shell on properties of pervious concrete pavement
-ElnazKhankhaje, Mahdi Rafieizonooz, MohdRazman Salim, Jahangir Mirza, ...MohdWaridHussin
-Pages 383-392
Strength, shrinkage, erodibility and capillary flow characteristics of cement-treated recycled pavement materials
-William Fedrigo, Washington Peres Núñez, ThaísRadünzKleinert, Matheus Ferreira Matuella, Jorge Augusto Pereira Ceratti
-Pages 393-402
Investigating cohesive healing of asphalt binders by means of a dissipated energy approach
-EzioSantagata, OrazioBaglieri, DavideDalmazzo, Lucia Tsantilis
-Pages 403-409
Sensitivity quantification of airport concrete pavement stress responses associated with top-down and bottom-up cracking
-Adel Rezaei-Tarahomi, Orhan Kaya, HalilCeylan, KasthuriranganGopalakrishnan, ... David R. Brill
-Pages 410-420
Deterioration trends of asphalt pavement friction and roughness from medium-term surveys on major Italian roads
-Alberti Susanna, Maurizio Crispino, Filippo Giustozzi, Emanuele Toraldo
-Pages 421-433
Effect of tack coat application on interlayer shear strength of asphalt pavement: A state-of-the-art review based on application in the United States
-Weiguang Zhang
-Pages 434-445
Dissipated energy analysis of four-point bending test on asphalt concretes made with steel slag and RAP
-Marco Pasetto, Nicola Baldo
-Pages 446-453
Evaluation of implementation of municipal roads’ maintenance plans in Palestine: A pilot case study
-AmjadIssa, Sameer Abu-Eisheh
-Pages 454-463

 Volume 10, Issue 4

Oil and gas processing products to obtain polymers modified bitumen
-SerhiyPyshyev, VolodymyrGunka, YuriyGrytsenko, Maria Shved, Victoria Kochubei
-Pages 289-296
Laboratory investigation of the effect of temperature on frictional properties of concrete pavements containing crushed glass
-Hassan Ziari, AlirezaTeymooriBarakoohi, Ali Moniri
-Pages 297-303
Effects of tire inclination (turning traffic) and dynamic loading on the pavement stress–strain responses using 3-D finite element modeling
-Xiaodi Hu, Abu N.M. Faruk, Jun Zhang, Mena I. Souliman, Lubinda F. Walubita
-Pages 304-314
Effects of graphite on rheological and conventional properties of bituminous binders
-YunusErkuş, Baha VuralKök, Mehmet Yilmaz
-Pages 315-321
Investigation on performances of asphalt mixtures made with Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement: Effects of interaction between virgin and RAP bitumen
-Luca Noferini, Andrea Simone, Cesare Sangiorgi, Francesco Mazzotta
-Pages 322-332
Field and laboratory investigations on pavement backfilling material for micro-trenching in cold regions
-Leila Hashemian, Mohammad Rezaei, AlirezaBayat
-Pages 333-342
A molecular dynamics (MD) simulation on tire-aggregate friction
-Fengyan Sun, Yue Hou, Linbing Wang, Lu Huang, Zhenyu Qian
-Pages 343-351
Permanent deformation and deflection relationship from pavement condition assessment
-FabricioLeiva-Villacorta, Adriana Vargas-Nordcbeck, José P. Aguiar-Moya
-Pages 352-359
Using a constructive pavement texture index for skid resistance screening
-Chia-Pei Chou, Cheng-Chun Lee, Ai-Chin Chen, Cherng-Yann Wu
-Pages 360-368

 Volume 10, Issue 3

Alternatives for calibration of dynamic modulus prediction models of asphalt concrete containing RAP
-Saman (Sam) Esfandiarpour, Ahmed Shalaby
-Pages 203-218
Implementation of nondestructive testing and mechanical performance approaches to assess low temperature fracture properties of asphalt binders
-Salman Hakimzadeh, BehzadBehnia, William G. Buttlar, Henrique Reis
-Pages 219-227
Study on recycling of waste asphalt blocks containing roadbed materials using new screenless separation equipment with a vibration device
-Milkos Borges Cabrera, Tomoaki Satomi, Hiroshi Takahashi
-Pages 228-244
Quality evaluation tests for pervious concrete pavements’ placement
-Milena Rangelov, SomayehNassiri, Zhao Chen, Mark Russell, Jeffery Uhlmeyer
-Pages 245-253
Stabilization of alluvial soil for subgrade using rice husk ash, sugarcane bagasse ash and cow dung ash for rural roads
-Anjani Kumar Yadav, Kumar Gaurav, RoopKishor, S.K. Suman
-Pages 254-261
Production and performance of desulfurized rubber asphalt binder
-Yanping Sheng, Haibin Li, JiuguangGeng, Yu Tian, ...RuiXiong
-Pages 262-273
Effects of interlayer bonding conditions between semi-rigid base layer and asphalt layer on mechanical responses of asphalt pavement structure
-Shuhua Wu, Huaxin Chen, Jiupeng Zhang, Zhonghua Zhang
-Pages 274-281
Evaluation of factors that affect rutting resistance of asphalt mixes by orthogonal experiment design
-Guilian Zou, Jian Xu, Chung Wu
-Pages 282-288

 Volume 10, Issue 2

Design of semi-rigid type of flexible pavements
-Pranshoo Solanki, Musharraf Zaman
-Pages 99-111
Density and SCB measured fracture resistance of temperature segregated asphalt mixtures
-Minkyum Kim, Louay N. Mohammad, PranjalPhaltane, Mostafa A. Elseifi
-Pages 112-121
Effect of chemical compounds in tidal water on asphalt pavement mixture
-BagusHarioSetiadji, SudarnoUtomo, Nahyo
-Pages 122-130
Laboratory evaluation of Nano Al2O3 effect on dynamic performance of stone mastic asphalt
-AsadollahChelovian, GholamaliShafabakhsh
-Pages 131-138
Non-destructive evaluation of sustainable pavement technologies using artificial neural networks
-FabricioLeiva-Villacorta, Adriana Vargas-Nordcbeck, David H. Timm
-Pages 139-147
Characteristics of asphalt binder and mixture containing nanosilica
-Mahmoud Enieb, AboelkasimDiab
-Pages 148-157
Prioritization of pavement maintenance sections using objective based Analytic Hierarchy Process
-Sarfaraz Ahmed, P. Vedagiri, K.V. Krishna Rao
-Pages 158-170
Resilient modulus of black cotton soil
-K.H. Mamatha, S.V. Dinesh
-Pages 171-184
Municipal incinerated bottom ash (MIBA) characteristics and potential for use in road pavements
-Ciarán J. Lynn, Gurmel S. Ghataora, Ravindra K. Dhir OBE
-Pages 185-201

 Volume 10, Issue 1

Selected contributions to the RILEM SIB2015 symposium
-Francesco Canestrari, Manfred N. Partl
-Page 1
Effect of annealing conditions on the molecular properties and wetting of viscoelastic bitumen substrates by liquids
-Salomé dos Santos, Lily D. Poulikakos, Manfred N. Partl
-Pages 2-14
Investigation of bitumen low temperature properties using a dynamic shear rheometer with 4 mm parallel plates
-Xiaohu Lu, Petri Uhlback, Hilde Soenen
-Pages 15-22
Mix design validation through performance-related analysis of in plant asphalt mixtures containing high RAP content
-Arianna Stimilli, AmedeoVirgili, Felice Giuliani, Francesco Canestrari
-Pages 23-37
Correlating creep properties of bituminous binders with anti-rutting performance of corresponding mixtures
-EzioSantagata, OrazioBaglieri, Pier Paolo Riviera, Muhammad Alam
-Pages 38-44
Use of image analysis for the evaluation of rolling bottle tests results
-Claudio Lantieri, Riccardo Lamperti, Andrea Simone, Valeria Vignali, ... Michele Magnani
-Pages 45-53
Ravelling by traffic: Performance testing and field validation
-Joëlle De Visscher, Ann Vanelstraete
-Pages 54-61
An application of the Michaelis–Menten model to analyze the curing process of cold recycled bituminous mixtures
-Andrea Graziani, Carlotta Godenzoni, FabrizioCardone, EdoardoBocci, Maurizio Bocci
-Pages 62-74
Molecular structure evolution of asphaltite-modified bitumens during ageing; Comparisons with equivalent petroleum bitumens
-Andrea Themeli, Emmanuel Chailleux, FabienneFarcas, CyrilleChazallon, ...Nadège Buisson
-Pages 75-83
Low temperature rheological properties of asphalt mixtures containing different recycled asphalt materials
-Ki Hoon Moon, Augusto CannoneFalchetto, Mihai O. Marasteanu, Michael P. Wistuba
-Pages 84-97
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